Plant a Neem Tree: In Phoenix we can help

Benefits of Neem Tree

Neem trees can be used to prevent/stop growth of desert due to climate change and can also probably act as carbon dioxide sink. It can also increase/maintain soil fertility. Please refer Azadirachta Indica in Wikipedia.

Health benefits of Neem Leaves and Tree: Please refer:

Neem Leaves can:

1. Cure Nasal bleeding, 2. Cure various Hair problems, 3. Cure Leucoderma, 4. Help in Eczema, 5. Treat Urticaria, 6. Aid in Paediatric Boils, 7. Act as a blood purifier, 8. Treat Elephantiasis, 9. Aid in Heat strokes, 10. Cures Chicken pox, 11. Treat Plague, 12. Help Gout and Arthritis, 13. Treat Malaria, 14. Treat Bleeding diathesis, 15. Treat acidity, 16. Be good for all kinds of Urinary disorders, 17. Cure Eye disorders, 18. Cure Tooth/gum problems, 19. Treat Anaemia, 20. Helpful to cure piles.